Tuesday, December 25, 2007

US custom and an Apple

You should have noticed the long line for custom check while entering US port of entry.
I escaped the long line of custom simply by carrying an apple with me.

This is my first time at US custom, had no idea about custom check at US port of entry.
I was asked to fill a form for custom while I was 40,000 ft above the ground, I was sure that I had nothing to declare so I just left everything blank.
An officer approached to me asked for the completed form, He figured out easily that I am from south Asia, so he tried to double confirm if I have carried any agriculture products with me on my handbag. Even though I was 100% sure that there is nothing,
Still I checked my pocket and found an apple, which I brought from Nepal. I gave the apple to the officer and officer asked me to join the agriculture line for my custom clearance. I was second in the line after another gentleman on the queue, and there was nobody on the queue after me.

While I was waiting for my baggage to be passed through scanning machine, I could see the general line consisting of hundreds of people, and I felt myself lucky. I had another connecting flight in about an hour, if I had to wait on general line then I would have missed my flight, but the Apple helped me to place myself on agriculture line and I am done with the custom check in approx ten minutes.